Opening of the Academic Year

Making Minds Matter

31st august 15:00 - 16:15


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About this event

Monday August 31 will be a wonderful day for all of us. It is the day of the official Opening of the Academic Year 2020-2021 of Erasmus University Rotterdam. The theme of this year’s event is ‘Making Minds Matter’.

The format of this year’s event will be something special: an online talk show. Curious about the content of the show? Then scroll down and read all about it. And don’t forget to register to watch the event live on August 31, 2020 from 3.00 pm. The entire programme is in Dutch and will be subtitled live in English.



Cortège en opening show

6 minutes Traditionally, every Opening Academic Year starts with the cortège: the ceremonial procession of professors and other special members of the university community. During the cortège, the song Io Vivat is played to greet the professors.

Education is for everyone

9 minutes Not all children have the opportunity to go to university. Not everyone has the same start in life. Unfortunately, a child’s opportunities also depend on their parents' income and education level - not just on their own intelligence or talent. This issue must be reversed and that’s exactly what we are doing in Rotterdam. Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb and Semiha Denktas explain how.


5 minutes It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of several of our students, colleagues, alumni and former colleagues, and many others with them. We respectfully honour our lost loved ones during Gil the Grid's powerful dance routine.

Education Prize

2 minutes Every year, the Education Prize is awarded to a member of the academic staff who has made a particularly commendable contribution to education at our university. Who deserves the honorary title ‘EUR teacher of the year 2020’?

Ed Brinksma

8 minutes On September 1, Ed Brinksma will take office as chairman of the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Today we seize the opportunity to get to know him better and to give him a warm welcome in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Thesis Award

2 minutes The Rotterdam Thesis Award was introduced by the City of Rotterdam and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our joint ambition is to encourage students to actively contribute to the development of the city and the entire region. Which EUR student has written the award-winning thesis this year?

Student Societal Impact Award

2 minutes The Student Societal Impact Award winner has shown great leadership by initiating and carrying out a project that creates positive change in society. Who is this year’s winner?


1 minutes A spectacular performance by Emma Heesters and Rolf Sanchez, today's most popular artists in the Dutch music world.

The beautiful teenage brain

13 minutes Are teenagers lazy and irresponsible? No, says Eveline Crone. On the contrary; adolescents come up with creative, refreshing ideas that adults would never think of. But how use the talent and potential of our young people to their fullest extent?

Lambers Student Excellence Award

2 minutes The Lambers Student Excellence Award is awarded each year to a high-performing student who has obtained two master degrees in different disciplines. At least one of them must be obtained with distinction (cum laude). Who is the winner of this prestigious award in 2020?

Research Prize

2 minutes Erasmus University’s Research Prize is awarded to a promising member of the academic staff who has delivered an outstanding performance in the field of research. Which talent will be this year’s winner?


1 minutes A spectacular performance by Emma Heesters and Rolf Sanchez, today's most popular artists in the Dutch music world.

Can we forget all about dementia?

10 minutes Age-related diseases such as dementia have a huge impact on human lives and on our society as a whole. Can't we do something about that? Yes, says Arfan Ikram, but not enough just yet. What does it take to really be able to forget about dementia in the future?


3 minutes A spectacular performance by Emma Heesters and Rolf Sanchez, today's most popular artists in the Dutch music world.

Opening of the Academic Year

9 minutes Today, thousands of students are taking the first step in their academic career and thousands more are continuing their studies after a well-deserved summer break. Rector Magnificus Rutger Engels will officially and festively open the academic year.

Practical information

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